I think it's time to part with my boat.  It is a 1948 16' double ender.  Given it's uniqueness  I thought I'd post it here before craigslist.  Check out my photos to see the boat in detail.  I bought it in 2006 from the second owner.  He had it for about 30 years though he wasn't quite sure.   I had just bought a set of plans from Jason Cajune and bought the boat because was looking for a trailer.  This boat was just so beautiful (though rough) that I decided to keep it for a while.  After rowing it for a couple of years I decided I needed to restore it rather than build new.  So in 2008 I removed the bottom and repaired/replaced the frames, chine log,lower part of the sides and chine cap.  You can see details of the reconstruction in my photos.  I can also send you more photos if interested. I still have one of the original oars and most of the anchor pulleys are original.  While I have replaced many things I have tried hard to retain the original character.  As I have become more interested in running white water the Woodie is seeing very little use.  I just can't justify taking it down the Rogue and it is a shame to leave it in my driveway. For now I'm consigning myself to rowing rafts till my skill level improves enough to tackle bigger water with a wood boat.

It has a nice custom cover by 5 C's

Locally made oars by Frank's Custom oars

Very old oar locks (original?)

Solid trailer with recent bearing maintenance done by Les Scwhab

original drybox with seat backs and covers

very old lead anchor (original?)

I've looked on Craigslist for comparable values.  Seems that around here wooden drift boats are between 800-4000.  Though nothing really quite like this boat.  I'd like to see this boat go to someone who understands it's place in history and will take it out on the river! 

Please message me with any questions.



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That's a really nice boat. Anyone would be proud to own it,

Thanks! It's been a lot of fun. I got it out this Sunday for a day float with the wife. There's nothing quite like the sound of water lapping against a wood bottom.

Where are the pictures?

Hi Richard. The pictures should be on my Home page. I think you can access it by clicking my icon

Got the pics. Thanks. Nice rebuild. I am rebuilding a 14' MacKinzy. Fortunately only the chines and 3/4" of the bottom of the sides were rotted. Just trimmed away the 3/4" and installed new white oak chines. Undecided whether to paint or varnish sides.


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