Please help with choices for tie downs for my whitewater dory.  I've trailered bass boats using transom straps for years, but unlike those, my dory extends about 3 or so feet aft of the end of the drift boat trailer I got from Boulder Boat Works.  Over the gunwale strap is prob my best choice but I'm also looking at how to avoid the wear on the wooden gunwales.  Not really clear how I could use transom straps since they would have to wrap back around the side of the transom to get up to a trailer tie down spot.

Thanks for any advice.


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Ive just been using the oarlocks, between that and the frt winch it sits really still towing. The side guide block you see keeps the boat from moving side to side on the trailer. I did make a padded cover with velcro to cover the ratchet on the strap.

Thinking about this a little, if I ever choose to add another strap, I would make a couple blocks similar to my oarlock blocks, maybe a little wider than the rails that could be removed, to just sit in between the rails, maybe with a little groove on the tops for the strap and run the strap over and down to the frame like I`m doing now.

I would not want a hook/strap setup that would pull on the sides of the boat, and really, any slight wear on the rails from the straps is nothing compared to normal use of the boat. Once you get some bangs and scratches you wont worry about it any more. Thats what touch ups are for every couple years.

I've used a similar setup for 8 years now and have never had any trouble with it.


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