I have finished the bottom repairs on the Rapid Robert I bought earlier this year. I want to eventually learn to drift the lower Nehalem, Loren's drift I believe it's called. Any advice would be great. Are there any drifts that people in this group do as a group? I am looking for a spot near Beaverton to give the boat a float test to check my repair job on the bottom, any suggestions?
Thanks in advance for any input,

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The advice I got for the "maiden" voyage of my hand built boat was "try it out on a pond or lake so you can get to shore quickly if it comes apart". I ignored the advice, launched on the Willamette Town Run and took out four miles downstream. I figured if the boat leaked after all the time and energy I invested, the river could have it and I deserved a cold swim and a long walk home.
Worked for me... I say - let her rip.
John, Just for confirmation, I talked to Chris Daughters - owner of our local fly shoppe the Caddis Fly & he said the lower Nehalem is not problematic - go for it. He said it's pretty low right now. It's upper - upper Nehalem that is pretty rocky and technical....
There you go... good luck.
Great to hear, thanks. I am ordering the anchor system from Randy today and hope to be on the water before years end. When I read the Amato book it talks about a "last chance" to pull the boat out just ABOVE Nehalem Falls, so I don't plan to do the upper Nehalem anytime soon. :-)
John, Lorens drift is on the Trask river. The lower drift on the Nehalem is easy but the put in at Beaver is a fairly rough slide. Your boat will be fine but if it is a brand new bottom, expect your first "skid" marks before your boat hits the water. Take plenty of rope and go easy and you will be just fine. It also requires some manuvering to get your boat off of the trailer while your rig is on the highway. It is a nice float and you will have fun. Good luck and and be safe! RD
Thanks. Do you drift the Trask? Is Loren's drift similar in difficulty to the lower Nehalem? I really want to focus on one run for a while, but if there are easy drifts at the end of these north coast rivers I should consider them as well. Most everybody else here seems to drift the southern coast rivers. Are you located down there or near the PDX Metro area?


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