Hi All, Just posted an album of rare images taken from an 8-mm film of a 1967 Grand Canyon self guided river trip. The trip had two rafts and one Grand Canyon dory, a nice two seater. Any idea who this could be? Yours, tom

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Cool pictures,is that a double ender?I'm going today to look at some ash oars from way back when in grand canyon rafting,I'll ask him if he remembers any early dory stories.

Hi Jay, no, it is a double ender with a transom. It sure looks like a McKenzie hull design. The year is 1967. Thank you for asking him about this!! Please report back, yours, tom

Tom, sorry, no help there, this man was rafting the canyon in the early 60's and gone to different waters by the late 60's. He has four oars that are about ten and a half feet and the shafts are very close to 21/2" in diameter!

Hi Jay, could you please connect this person and I? e-mail is tomhazel@grand-canyon.az.us and phone is 928-556-0742. Thank you! Yours, tom

Tom, I have e-mailed his craigslist ad to You, You may have to look in spam for it; if that doesn't work I have more ways to contact him. Jay


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