Thank you in advance!!

3 months into my restoration project. I have searched a ton of photos, plans, etc. on this site and others. I like to know the history of all things, my boat has baffled me. Probably because I'm a novice at this. Any help identifying which plans this was built from would be a huge help!

What I do know, the boat was built in the 1980s by a cabinetmaker in AR. It's a frame built boat and a true double-ender. My closest guess so far is a Tatman. But it has some characteristics of a Hindman, fly line deck and framing. But I guess a lot of them have this.

Some of dimensions are:
Length: 16'.
Beam: 6'
Bottom width: 4'
Height at oar locks: 24"

Any my thoughts would be appreciated! I would hope this is not a stupid question, but I sure would like to get a semi-definitive answer.

Photos attached.

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Thanks Rick! See my reply to Kurt. I agree as well. Good stuff!


This is really good info! Thanks! 

I did did some searching today and think that you are right on the money. The glen-L plans are close. Going to see if there are similar plans as well. This is the closest we've come to identifying what she was built from. Gives me a whole new (solid) avenue to peruse.

The frames notched over the gunnels are, I think, the key. Great call!

Thanks again, so much, I really appreciate it! She's a solid boat. She needs to float again!

It's a good look'n boat Peter. And from the pics appears well built. Very cool it's a double ender! Don't see many anymore. My Great Grandfather had a double ender Kiawanda dory and I have always had a soft spot for them. Enjoy!!

Thanks Kurt! Really looking forward to getting her back on the river.


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