Has anyone integrated a Yeti or RTIC cooler as a rowers seat or front seat. My thinking is to make a frame and drop the cooler into it. If you use a cooler for seat please post some photos.

Thanks Gregg

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Im interested in this as well, was thinking of having the cooler as a front pedestal seat of sorts.  Im wondering about how to trim it fore and aft however.  Im hoping to have a front and back cooler, so that one can be used as an actual cooler and the other can be used as dry storage.  The advantage of having coolers is to be able to use them as strictly coolers or dry storage while also being removable.

I am also interested.

Found this on line:


Not very pretty, but might be OK for a power boat.

I'm thinking of a cooler suspended on runners like a conventional seat.  Fabricate with wood, then insulate, and finish inside with sheet metal?


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