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I just sent a message to montanaboatbuilders forum that I was planning on a McKenzie River float for this coming McKenzie River boat show in April. I would like some advice about floating the upper river. I have launched from Paradise in the past. Would like to do above. We will have 2 days at that time to do the float.

Ray Heater

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Comment by Roger Fletcher on November 12, 2008 at 8:31pm
A few years ago I trailed Dave Helfrich and the late Frank Wheeler from Ollalie to Bruckhart. It was an absolutely splendid run with very busy water through Paradise. I'm sure I could have handled it on my own but it was helpful (and comforting) to have a knowledgable pro in the lead boat. I relive that trip occasionally and carry the fondest memories of Frank and Dave on that day.
Comment by Randy Dersham on November 12, 2008 at 5:50pm
Hello Ray, I am hoping that you will get Aaron or Ken to respond to this. I'll try to let them know the request is here.

The water above Paradise is a creek... constant class II. I plan to learn that water before next year's boat show but I will pay one of the experienced guides to show me the water first, then I'll run it with them in the boat before I try it on my own. The guides only run one passenger in that part of the river.

You can put in at Olalie Campground seven miles or so above Paradise Campground. Big rocks, fast water, and few eddies. I know you guys are really experienced but I recommend that you either pay, trade, or con, one of the locals to run in front of you so the rest of your group can follow.

April water can be high and give you a little more room or it can be low because the snow is still solid. If you end up in the water that time of year you have to get out quick. It can run below 40 deg. There's very little sun that hits the water and it's coming right off the snow.

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