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For those who wish to spend time on the boat and own a personal boat or is likely to rent a boat for personal or recreational use, it is good to have a driver’s licence or certificate, so that the driver is authenticated to drive the boat or vessel. A driver's certificate is the first step for a safe and pleasant boat ride inshore. A driver’s licence proves that the person has theoretical knowledge of pleasure craft, inshore and sheltered waters. It is a certificate that gives a proof of how good you are in seamanship, navigation and handling a boat in the coastal waters.

The exam for driver's certificate is for those who wish to develop their seamanship and deepen their knowledge of marine safety, coastal traffic and navigation. The program of förarintyg i stockholm gives the skills that is needed to be able to navigate correctly using a plotter, chart and a knot on the rope. The course contains the basics of traditional navigation, seaway regulations, safety at sea, sea weather etc. Training in new electronic navigation is also included in the course. After completing the course, tests for the driver's certificate are organized.

For those who wish to deepen their knowledge in navigating and training in boat driving, kustskepparintyg utbildning is the ideal step. Coastal training is the second step towards training to drive a boat or yacht. Having this certificate gives a person, sufficient knowledge to become eligible to drive 12 x 4 boats in both daylight and in the dark. On completion of the kustskepparintyg utbildning one has to appear for a theory and oral test. One acquires more practical experience at the sea with this course, which can be taken only if you are minimum 15 years of age.

There are many marine training companies which offer coastal skipper and förarintyg i stockholm. One of the companies that seems to offer quality training is Navigations Gruppen. The company seems to train people in a wide variety of marine courses including VHF/ SRC, Deck officer class 8, Engineer class 8 and basic safety. With an aim to provide safe, fun and comfortable time on the waters, they seem to provide different courses for all levels.

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