Can anyone help me identify this boat?  There are no makings that I can find.  It is 20 feet long and 80" wide in the center.  All wood.  The top arcs slightly from front to back and the bottom is essentially flat.  It's in good shape though in the midst of a restoration.  It looks like mahogany on top.  We suspect there may be a mast (buried in the pile of junk in the pics) but not sure.

Even if you can get me going in a direction without a positive ID, it would be helpful.

Thank you,





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Comment by Tim Brown on April 24, 2014 at 7:35pm

This is absolutely an Inland Lakes Yachting Association scow.  It is either a class C or class D scow. D's and C's have nearly identical hulls.  If it has a single rudder (look for a brass tube through the hull) then it is a C scow.  C scows are cat rigged.  D scows have dual rudders (one at each bilge line).  D scows are sloop rigged (main and jib with a symmetrical spinnaker for downwind work).  This boat was built by Johnson Boat Works, White Bear Lake, MN.  I can tell that by the shape of the cockpit.  It is a 1964 or earlier model.  In 1965 the cockpit edges where changed to slant in at 45 degrees.  There should be hull ID and builder information stamped on one of the bilgeboard boxes inside the cockpit.  This information is cut into the wood, so it should still be there unless someone sanded it out or replaced the wood piece.  JBW is no longer in business.  But there is a spin off company that has a number of former employees.  White Bear Boat Works is its name.  They often repair these wooden scows; so there is a lot of expertise there.  I don't work there, never did.  I just like scow sailboats and spend too much time researching them.   Regards, Tim

Comment by Austin Waggoner on March 7, 2014 at 3:28am

It looks like an old scow sailboat.  Google C Scow if it's about 20' x 6'.  The C-Scow is class sailboat that is still raced today in the midwest and out east.

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