Sorry for the long delay getting this out, but here goes. This boat was salvaged by Mark Angel with assistance from myself and two others. I regularly assist Mark on these salvages and learn a lot from him every time. We all are lucky to have Mark because no-one else out there that I am aware of is able, knowledgeable, and willing to recover these boats and bodies in the whitewater environment. As for this particular salvage, the only driftboat we were called out for on the Deschutes in 2008, it was a Diamondback driftboat on loan from the oarsman's brother, if I recall correctly. The rower, his wife/girlfriend, and dog all safely swam from the wreck, although the dog ended up on the wrong bank and was not recovered for a few additional days. This boat was not in the usual position on the rock and that resulted in additional difficulties for us. After back and pre-rigging the boat and coming tight to it, we started pulling, but the boat refused to move, and required a follow-up inspection to rule out anchor or bow rope entanglements. We put a lot more tension on the main haul line than is typically neccesary and she eventually came free. This boat sustained more extensive damage than any other I have seen first hand, and calling it a total loss would still be an understatement! The video really shows how fast things can happen out there so pay attention, and please wear your PFD's. I included a few pictures of another Whitehorse salvage from 07 as well.

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Comment by Randy Dersham on January 4, 2009 at 6:59pm
Great photos Robb!
Thanks for sharing them. I had no idea how large Mark's dive boat is until that photo of the two of you in Whitehorse. That is one big boat.

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