Despite the fact that I have 16ft and 18ft boats in need of work, I ended up with another one sitting on top of the trailer I bought.  

Guy said it was a 16ft, but (If I remember correctly from a few days ago) it is 16'4" stem to stern, 84" beam, 24" at the oarlocks, with a 54" bottom.  Lots of flair and rocker.  Big boat! The numbers don't match up to any specs I've seen.  Anybody know of boats this size?

The only major damage is a section of rot through the bottom where, you guessed it, uhmw was attached in front. (see pic. I pulled back more of the uhmw than in the picture provided. I'll send some better ones soon) The rot section is about 12" square.  The rest of the bottom is rock solid and surprisingly absolutely no rot on the chine log or rib in the area where bottom is rotten.

My thought was to cut out about an 18" hole in the bottom, router 4" on 3 sides of the hole, router 4" on the 1/2" ply patch, epoxy and screw together and glue and screw to chine log.  Seems like a better approach than to replace the whole bottom, especially since I will be coating with 20 oz of glass and epoxy.  Any thoughts on this approach?

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Update:  Of course I was wrong.  This picture is of the chine batten and log at the rowers seat.  Again, chine is in tact, but is a little spongey.  I'll either drill and fill with high-viscous epoxy or cut out a section and sorta scarf it in.  I have ordered 3 sheets of ply for the bottom.

I don't have any plans to reference and I don't remember how you lay out 3 pieces of ply for scarfing with the wide bottom 18ft boat.  I searched and didn't see anything.  Can anyone help me out?

Hey Erik, we met a couple years ago with Brett Williams. Give me a call and I would be interested in looking at this boat. Might be able to help you with the bottom scarf.....Kurt 208-720-9609


Was planning to get a hold of you, once I assessed the situation.  Call ya next week.  Thanks!


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