I have a pre-cut drift boat kit on its way. It probably comes as no surprise I am pouring through alternatives to outfit my boat. This morning is about anchor systems. I like the floor releases and through transom pulley set ups. Here are my questions. Is there and effective way to use a through transom mount (as opposed to Dierk's type arm on top) and still use a pulley attached to the anchor to lighten the effort to raise the anchor. I dont see a way to attach the static end of the rope to the transom mounted hardware. Other question, how are the Dierks and Regal foot releases, which have flat soles, best attached to the boat? It would seem that repetitive pull of the anchor rope against the floor or frame of the boat would be a likely point of failure. Thanks all.

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Hey JC, I've got the new dierks through transom setup and am currently just running a 16 lbs mushroom anchor.  It likes to bang on the transom a good bit even with zero play in the knot.  I'd think the extra distance of the pulley between the rope and anchor would give you a ton of anchor swing. You may be fine with a pyramid style anchor though.  Anyway I just screwed on a 1/4" piece of Sintra which is like a really hard pvc foam and covered it in copper for a classy bang plate. As far as a place to mount the static end of anchor rope you could get creative and find a nice flush mount tie down to set into the transom or just drill a hole and bolt in an eye bolt.

The floor mount for the foot pedals is wedged in really good between the frames and the bottom so thats a pretty sturdy place to be. I was worried about the stress on the bolts like you but now its a non concern.

Thanks Bennett. How is the foot release assembly actually fastened in?

Dierks will bend you a mounting bracket for the foot release that fits between the frames if you give them the distance.  

I bolted the release to a homemade wood bracket then bolted it to the frames.  Just #10 bolts (3/16) I had left over from the gunnels

Bennett, I suspect the underside of your bracket is not in contact with the floor of the boat. Is this correct? I would think otherwise there would be movement and wear om the bottom in a critical location.

yeah its mounted to a bracket that is squeezed between the frames and bolted. Nothing moves but the anchor rope


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