so, this is a personal question, and my dirty little secret, but I'm just wondering.  For those of you who know, how much does your boat weigh?  If you want to share?  Since my boat is bigger than a Briggs I expected it to be a bit heavier, and it is.  It's the only thing I would try to change if/when I do it again.  For the record my boat has 1/2 inch bottom, 1/4 sides, 3/8 bulkheads, 3 layers of glass total on the sides, 7 layers total on the bottom, cedar for the stems and coaming around hatches, oak trim, very thick chines of colloidal silica and west resin.  The chine is where I probably added the most weight, the radius runs about 3 inches up the side and across the bottom.  My integrated oar pocket is also overly thick plywood and overbuilt a bit.  So to sum up, I was very thorough on building a structurally strong boat at the cost of some extra pounds.  I was expecting to take 2 full size adult passengers on a Grand Canyon trip but I think for that length of trip I will downsize expectations to just one passenger plus all necessary gear.  My 1,500 pound gross weight drafting 8" of water has proved to be accurate so I just need to allow for more boat and less other stuff.  My baby is 600 pounds when balanced on pair of bathroom scales. 

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My 1754 McKenzie came out at 290 without an interior. I need to weigh it with the side trays and seats in. I’d bet 350... if you’re carrying 1500 lbs what’s an extra 150-200 for a passenger?


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