I am currently building a 16,9 briggs dory from plans I acquired from Andy. I was curious if any one could provide me with pics of dory with a fully covered back deck. I am looking for ideas on how to finish out the back of the boat. I don't really want to have the back passenger well as I don't intend on it to haul for people. Pros? Cons? If I do stick with the traditional design and have no rear passengers how do you bail? Has anyone ever experimented with a rear passenger well that has a removable cover deck which as I see it would have southco latches probably 4 of them and could be put over the rear seating with maybe even a hatch. This would be probably a semi dry hatch, but would also help shed the large shots of water.

Thanks Derek

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I'm building just that on my dory. The hatch behind the rowers drybox is a well that has a removable lid. Going fishing, stand in the big opening on the floor, going down a ww run, pop the hatch cover on and the back of the boat is decked

Chris, got pics?

Thanks, Kevin

Chris, How far along are you in your dory build? I have just got my boat formed up. Next is chine fillets and inside floor glass layups. I have a little while before decking. I would love to see pics as well.

Right now i am gluing all the decks and coamings together. Bulkheads are in and double taped (3", w/ 6" over top). I have most of the pieces premade. Now its getting them to fit and gluing and taping. Its an arduous process, i spent the better part of the summer building all the parts. 7 cored fiberglass coamings, with matching cored hatch lids. I molded the bottom skin so that the trim is all glass. There is no wood in either coamings or lids that can warp and screw up my seal. Due to the way i molded these, they have a double seal that literally fits perfectly on both sides. Ive built many things the hard way, and learned alot in the process. Keep saying next time, next time... But in reality hope this is the last dory for a while unless someone wants to pay me well to build one for them, and im not waiting around for that job to come to fruition.

Dont have too many pics of the rear well as that is one of the areas currently under construction. My dryboxes are finished with the exception of inside deck seams which will wait till the boat is flipped over so they are right side up. Working on the center rowers footwell and the rear of the boat cutrently. The center well is a mess of double coamings, gutters meeting and flowing out of the boat in all directions, false floors, false walls, supports. Its been wild to try and make it all work.

To make the back, i was having trouble trying to envision the best way to install everything, given the rear two wells of the boat slant, while the center dryboxes and and footwells are dead level. Since i designed my boat myself and am not working off plans, dealing with the compuound angles can make my head hurt sometimes. I decided to just glue the two coamings togethers. Try and find the point where they meet the center decks, then take a 2x4 to rough in the deck lines at the angle that looks most appropriate to where you want the deck to meet the transom. Once i had that i mocked the coamings in place like you see in the picture. I measured the last bulkhead to fit in place where it supports the center point between the two coamings. Thats where i am at sofar. I have parts i made yesterday that are the front gutter and rear supports. Ill mock the panels up and dry fit them, then glue the coaming and supports in place and fit the decks which are also premade, just need to be trimmed to fit. Ill have better pics in another week or two, currently got my hands full with construction....lots of little parts. Mostly foam core or plascore, its a ton of work and time to build all these tiny little parts, then glass them and vacuum bag them all. But, ive been getting airly light parts that are unbelievably stiff, so sofar mission accomplished. But truth be told I miss workings with wood. It smells nices, and doesnt make you itchy. I also doesn make horrible toxic dust and razor shape scraps that probably never degrade in a landfill. Obviously this is a wood boat forum, and this is not a wood boat which is why i generally dont post about it here but rather on the stitch and glue forum. However, i wanted to try and answer your question, since you asked about hatches. Unfourtunatly, these construction pics are likely not what you are looking for, but they at least give an idea what going on bavk there. Its really just another thwart drybox with a lid that pops on and off.
Here's another pic from this morning showing the mockup a little better

I decked the rear passenger spot and incorporated a hatch large enough to handle a 6hp ultra long shaft motor. I have a smaller boat, the additional room has been a huge bonus for longer trips.

Marc, Thanks for sharing the picture!

rear view

one of the cons I experienced was that by not having a passenger in the rear, the boat became bow heavy, and I had to take extra gear from others to keep her trimmed.  pro: sundeck for bikini girls...I ended up putting in a footwell last winter so I could accommodate my growing family...

Jeff, Does each one of your rear hatches have its own bulk head to divide the space? Do you have any pics after your conversion? Thanks Derek

I build a similar boat, about a foot shorter, last year. I did a half-depth well in the back with a forward facing seat. It has weep-holes on both sides and drains very quickly. I also have an 18' aluminum briggs boat with the full-size rear well, and really don't like having it fill with water in bit water. Having the front well full of water helps to punch through waves. The half-depth well was a good solution and is great for fishing. It leaves enough room for a 6' sleeping deck in the middle of the boat, as well as additional storage. The light mark on the left side of the boat is the weep hole at the bottom of the rear well. The rear passenger can sit with their back against the transom. The boat balances best with 1 passenger in the front. Happy to send more photos or details in you're interested. 

Ben, I would love more pictures and details. I like the size of that boat. Bottom width? Thanks Derek


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