Anyone use Formbys Furniture Refinisher to remove varnish?  I am stripping my boat to wood and it has about 10 coats.  Citristrip isn't getting it done.

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Zip Strip paint and varnish remover is a good one, and there was a aircraft paint remover that was good too....

With that number of coats on the hull you might want to try a heat gun and a dull putty knife first and then finish off with stripper.  Have used this method pulling off epoxy coatings- but don't go nuts with the gun until you see how much it takes to soften up the varnish.

Good Luck

Hadn't thought of that.  Thanks!  I have learned my lesson with too sharp of a scraper, having to epoxy a bit of the veneer sheet back on the ply.  Good thing I am going to paint when I am done.  (I want to lay thin glass on the hull, as I am getting a little checking)


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