With the Fall weather arriving this week and the smallmouth fishing starting to slow downI’m finally looking to getting started on some small projects I’ve been putting off.  I’m looking to start on refinishing both of the gunwales first. Looking at using some penetrating epoxy to help with the checking followed up with at least three coats of a quality varnish.  Any advice on this application or is their a better way to bring some new life into this project?

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"72 hours" is a pretty good rule of thumb for epoxy curing and wait time until subsequent finishes.

I was re-reading your comments on having the tackle trays on the sides.  Makes a ton of sense about people leaning..people like to lean with their knees against something and that gives them a brace position a lot closer to the middle of the boat, whether to land a fish or to "drain a cup of coffee"!


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