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Years ago, I saw a drift boat that had  a plank floor that was held in place with what looked like a spring loaded, quarter turn to lock or unlock, pin, that had a vertices rectangular housing that it locked into that was attached to various ribs.  The description is a little fuzzy, as is my memory, but I’m hoping someone will say, “Oh yeah, I know what he is talking about”.  Anyway, the idea is to have a way to quickly remove the flooring for cleaning purposes or to retrieve something dropped through the planks.

Thanks for the help,

Bill Dodson

Troy, Montana

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I think you may be talking about cam indexing pins? I used straight ones to lock my rowers seat in place.

Howdy Bennett,

Thanks for the quick reply. The gadget I think I remember is more akin to something like a long version of the old Dzus fasteners that you see on smaller aircraft that was used to attach things like panels and the cowling to the airplane.

Bill D. 
Troy, MT

Hmm I don’t know then, I tried to use barrel bolts on my floor boards and it was a huge pain, ended up just screwing them down. There’s still a beer can and some flies under there but nothing I can’t live without

I assume the can is empty!

I have always added 1x4s on the bottom of the floorboards attached so they lock them from slipping fore&aft.  So say usually on the aft end of the center board sits up against a rib under rowers seat then I put the1x4 crossways up against the most fwd frame the board lays on. easy to make them fit snug but still easy to pull out for cleaning. With cedar or fir very little weight added


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