I am giving real serious consideration to refinishing the bottom of my 14' Tatman the right way - with fiberglass cloth and tape wrapped over the edge of the bottom, followed by coats of epoxy. I will need to remove the chine battens, which were installed with copious amounts of 3M 5200 adhesive, which is described as "permanent." Do I have a ghost of a chance of removing the battens without ruining them or tearing up the fir plywood side panels? Has anyone developed a procedure for this? Thanks!

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Thanks for the level of detail about chine cap removal. Fortunately, for disassembly purposes, my caps are screwed on, but I've been mulling over using nails for the re-install. What gauge and length of nail do you use?
Ray and AJ,

Just finished my first boat. Pictures will be up on the board soon. I used the rounded/wrapped edge method that Jason and Randy use. It seems to have worked out great. I am happy so far. Only time will tell.

I am getting started on my second boat right now. Hope to have it done by late fall. Then I plan to build at least one more this winter. That will put my total up to three. I am hoping one of you would give a more detailed description of how you do your boat bottoms. I am always open to suggestions and would love to learn more about your methods.

E. Landis


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