I'll be vacationing in Jackson Hole the third week of September and would appreciate any recommendations for shuttle services along the Snake River.

Also, are there put-ins along the Snake that are unsuitable for a Subaru Outback and any of the drifts in GNP that present undue log jam hazards?

Thanks for any info.

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Get a hold of AJ Derosa, he can help you.
I hope you enjoy your visit to Jackson. Feel free to give me a call when you arrive.

Shuttle service 307 690 9390

Your Subaru will be fine at all accesses.

There are always a number of log jams in the park but none that will lure you into a dead end.



Thanks for the information AJ. I'll plan on stopping by to meet you.

I spent 6 to 8 weeks each summer at the UW research station - first below Jackson Lake Dam and later on the Lake - from 1976 to 1981. Never got a chance to enjoy Jackson Hole in September.



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