Years ago, I saw a launch assist device advertised (I think it was Clackacraft) on their trailers.  When you were ready to get the boat off the trailer, you would stomp down on a foot pedal, which would raise two arms with pads (one on each side of the boat) forcing the bow up and back thereby dislodging the boat off the trailer.  It was a back saver.  You didn't have to lift the boat bow to get it launched.

Is anyone currently offering this feature on their trailers?  Better yet, are there plans out there to fab up an addition to my current trailer?  Anyone remember this feature?

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I just checked and it’s not listed on clackas website anymore. I remember what you’re talking about though. I think you could easily fab it up to an existing trailer. You’d just need a few pieces of flat bar and some round pins. 

Thanks Bennett.  I've been thinking up several designs to retrofit my trailer.  I think it would be worth the effort.

I saw one of those years ago on the Sol Duc river and have never forgotten it. 

Yup.  There are some trailers out there so equipped.  I think it's a great idea and I wish they still offered it.  I contacted Clackacraft and they said they discontinued the design.  His quote -

"We couldn’t find a way to build the launch system to ship it out and went to a double roller on our trailers."

I guess trailers anymore use two rollers (one at the front and the traditional roller at the back).

I'm either going to add a front roller or design the foot pedal launch system for my trailer.  I wish someone out there had a photo of the launch system and could post it!


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