Got her done! Only took 46 years, but she is done. The wood was bone dry and would split really easily. All I have to do now is wash the trailer and put the license plate on along with the new lights and she is ready for water. The other day I went to Sportsman Warehouse and bought a new PFD and a Atwood sump pump. The sump pump is in case it leaks and the PFD is in case it sinks. Really I started the kit build in 2013 so it has only been 5 years. Not bad looking for a 46 year old kit!

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Very nice.  Get it wet!

Wow. That's awesome,man. 


Now some pics of her in the water, fish slime is good too!  A really nice looking boat!


looks much better in person, great to see it at the Cathlamet boat show. You'll have to go to the McKenzie river boat show next April.


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