I finally  talked a guy out of this Keith Steele boat that I have had my eye on for about 5 years. It has been outside the whole time and has seen better days, the boat is solid and amazingly none of the wood so far that I have found is rotted. I clearly have my work cut out, but I am happy to have this old boat and look forward to restoring it. It is a model 10 and the boat # is SKH623062979, I would like to know something about the boat, the previous owner said it was used as a guide boat by a local outfitter many years ago, I know there is some kind of record of the boat and would appreciate any info and advise on the restoration process I can get. 



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Nice find Dan.  Bring it over the hill to the show next week so we can get a good look.  I have plenty of boats and would be happy to have you row one down to camp.




Sorry I missed the show this year, family stuff came up. I would have loved to asked your opinion on my restoration, would there be a time when I could bring the boat over to get your take on a couple of things?



Yeah, any time, just give me a call.  We are working out of Dutch's place now.  It is on 5000N of Victor.  We could meet there.



Really nice boat Dan! Worth the wait! Now the fun begins!!

That's a "Gem" Dan...  good get there buddy.  I'll bet Dr. AJ can give you some helpful advise and clues to the year the make and even what river it was runnin..... ha  NICE.  GH


That a great old boat.  Please post plenty of pictures of the restoration.

Awsome purchase there, what a gem!


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