Ive been messing with several designs for a good rear knee brace for my Tatman boat, Everything ive tried threatens to tear the boat apart...I’m looking for ideas that may be floating around on this site, success or failures, I’m trying to keep the esthetic of the boat in tact as well or I’d just attach a fiberglass tower to the floor ... I look forward to your replies.

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Hey Dan, one idea Ive been kicking around is to put another "thwart" under the rowers seat "thwart" about half way between the seat and the floor.  Then mount the casting brace to the rear of the rowers seat, the additional cross beam halfway down, and the rib on the bottom of the boat... no clue how it would perform but its a thought.

I made a prototype that attached to the bottom rib and the floorboards, I never used it, it felt like any pressure on it would break the rib away from the floor, I’m still working on it, for now the fisherman in the back sits...

I solved that problem by never allowing anyone in the back of my boat.


Having an angler in the rear of your boat can cause some problems with handling.  I knixed the traditional front seat and rear seat for a pedestal style seating. I moved the front fly deck forward about 6”.  The cooler, an RTIC 65QT weighs 35 lbs. combined with the forward fly deck it ads more weight to the front of the boat.  The rear pedestal is also forward and has eliminated the “swing” you feel when you install Tatman’ rear seat between the last frame and The transom.  The rear brace and seat are also removable.  I’ve guided the last 2 summers with this set up and it has worked really well.

I built a similar rear knee brace for my 82 Steele and found it cumbersome. Changing positions front to back is almost impossible with older anglers like me without pulling to shore. This is a problem, because I like both anglers in the bow seat when negotiating any kind of rapids, due to afore mentioned loss of handling with weight in the back.  It also impedes laying down rods along the gunwale in my rod holders.  I made it removable so I can keep the boat original.  I am working on a curved wood pedestal design that connects to the back of the rowers seat and rib with a solid base that lies along the floor to minimize stresses on ribs.  I will post pictures when done.


I look forward to seeing your solution..

except for your dog of course.

I made more of a knee brace which attached to the rear seat bracket, kind of a mushroom shape. I fish from there and drive the boat when the motor is on. haven't had any issue with foot slipping but I've never had anyone stand back there on white water.


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