I'm finishing up the YouTube series building the work skiff.
So it dawned on me that in all the boat building reading I've done in the past year no one has seemed to try the total boat epoxy. I used raka and it worked great. West systems seems to be a standard along with system 3. Just curious if anyone's tried it?

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The Rot Dr. CPES, Clear Penetrating Epoxy System. is the best. It actually penetrates deep into the wood, new or old. 50/50 mixture with good working time. Used Total Boat penetrating epoxy and it was more like a varnish. Not much penetration and not much working time before "cook off". Haven't tried System Three.


You should read the article I just posted on CEPS Epoxy by Bruce Neiderer of 

Gougeon Brothers (West System Epoxy Co.).  It might change your mind.

phil w.

Not sold on the Total Boat line. Although Jamestown Dist. is awesome, I tried their Total Boat Lust varnish. It dried quickly as advertised allowing a number of coats applied in a day. However I noticed a weird sheen to it when dry. So back to Interlux Classic Schooner varnish I went.

Thanks for the replies yall. Probably good for a beginner like me to hear the good the bad and the ugly about all this stuff in similar applications.  I went with Raka because the reviews on the build sites were great.  I think the Totalboat stuff debuted right after I started otherwise I probably wouldve been suckered into trying it.

Hey Guys,

I just received the latest edition of Epoxyworks Magazine from Gougeon Brothers, Number 45.  In it are several interesting articles, one by Bruce Niederer one of their long time chemists and an experienced boatbuilder.  He gives a detailed comparison of how West System and two different Penetrating CEPS' work. The results are surprising, if you are a proponent of CEPS Epoxies you'd like to read this article.

There is also an interesting artice by Greg Hatten on his restoration of his well used driftboat.

The magazine subscription is free and you can access it online at 

Also for you folks who are familiar with Gougeon Brothers/West System Epoxy Companies, one of the founders of the company, Meade Gougeon just passed away last week.  He was 78 years old and was one of the key players in developing Marine Epoxys along with his brother Jan Gougeon in conjunction with Dow Chemical Co.  I had the pleasure a year ago to have talked to Meade in their shop and he was one interesting fellow and quite an acomplished sailor.  I was honored to have met him.  The two brothers are being inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame October 4 th.  Here's a link to the article on the two brothers.


Phil W.

Just got that, very cool seeing Greg in there!

   Lou is great!,love that series, on episode 7, of  his next project. I used System 3, before  the Total Boat brand, when I built my boat in 2008 . I had  used the T88  adhesive on experimental aircraft  in the past , very pleased.   I have ordered numerous total boat products but only used  their putty epoxy ,one batch on a home  project with  a good result.  Too much work not enough sshop time. ...have always been please with Jamestown Distributors dealings 


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