The trailer I had made for my boat came with 3500 lbs springs.  I knew this was wayyyy too stiff and this week I put on some 2000 lbs springs. For some reason I kept shopping and found 1000 lbs springs in the same spring dimensions.  So I'm wondering what everyone else is running?

i know the smart answer is to run to a scale and get a total weight for boat and trailer but my schedule has been keeping me from doing this. Anyway, am I an idiot?(yes I am) but am I being dumb in this scenario?

second question. Say my boat and trailer weighs right at 1000 lbs. Do I run 1k springs or 2k springs?

thanks folks

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I went with 1000 lb springs when i built my trailer.  They didn't have anything lighter.  They work really nice.  At 70 MPH on x-way you can't feel the boat there.  I think the trailer actually out weighs the boat. Never weighed the boat.  I'd recommend the 1000 lb ones.  My flat bed trailer (homebuilt) has 1800 lb. springs  and it bounces too much when empty but handles a decent load but not as nice as the DB Trailer.

Just my two cents worth.

phil w

Thanks Phil. After writing this I talked myself into the 1000lbers. My boat weighs a little over 300 and there's no way my trailer is over 700. I guess I had to write it out to convince myself.

Update, got some 1000 lb springs, on clearance no less!  Now going down the road I get no feedback from the trailer, when you look in the mirror the tires bounce up and down but the trailer stays still.  I cant imagine how much of a beating my boat was taking before.

I took mine out this week and paid better attention to how it rode on the highway and was pleased it rode smooth at 50-55 MPH, just like you described.  I have two ratchet straps holding it down and they keep it nicely secure to the carpeted bunks.   Also the boat cover uses 1/2 inch dia. rubber tubing straps to hold the cover tight to the frame proving additionsl hold down force in case I don't get the straps tight enough.

Went on a local river fishing with my son for Smallies, we got into some nice ones too.  The water is too warm for the trout where I normally fish this time of year.

Glad your trailer is doing what you want it to,

phil w.


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