Any recommendations for varnish. Getting close to putting on some varnish and looking at different brands. I use minwax helms spar varnish on my bamboo fly rods. Looked at Jamestown Lust varnish but it is twice the price for a varnish you don't have tosand between coats. Thanks.

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Mark: I have used Pettit Captain's 1015 and  Flagship 2015 for many years with good results. A little sanding between coats  will show up your "dribbles" and make for a better job.  6 coats or more with the first 1 or 2 cut with turps 20% will look great. others may  have experience with the magic "no sand" types  but being an old timer I stick with what works for me.

Good Luck

I really like Le Tonkinois. I cut it with 20-30% Turp for the first few coats then switch to 100% varnish. If you don't let the part completely dry between coats you can build the finish without sanding. I do recommend that you sand for the final coat. Also the ability to eliminate drips and runs comes with experience its all about brush loading. Always work into a wet edge and remember there is no such thing as a perfect boat. 


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