Hi builders.

Thanks to y'all and the info on this site, my son's boat is coming along. One side got some fiberglass, albeit pretty lumpy on one side. Hoping to do better on the next. Picture is before the botched fiberglassing!

Does anyone have a good suggestion for builders or retailers of boat trailers out east?  I am in the mountains of western Virginia and haven't ever seen a drift boat out here, let alone a trailer.  Possible that I could have one build in tidewater part of Virginia though. I need to haul this  boat, finished, out west in late May. Wish me luck.



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Nice boat David! If you just want to get it done quick and easy, find the nearest hyde or clacka dealer to you and ask about ordering a trailer.  They should be able to get you one fairly quick.  Or search on hear for trailer plans and you'll find a really long thread that at the beginning a guy posted a pdf file of plans.  I took those files and a few pictures to a trailer shop and had one built.  Took about 6 months but the price was right.  Its also a lot heavier duty than the hyde trailers I've seen.  Third option is to get a short pontoon boat trailer or a wide jon boat trailer and strip it then mount sideways bunks that should work fairly well.  Good luck!

Thanks so much Bennett. I don't see any dealers for Hyde or Clacka boats out east, but maybe I'm not doing it right. I will look for a simple trailer and think about a retrofit option. My son may be able to get something in the NW and pull it partway east if I can figure out how to get the boat on top of the van :)  He's in western Washington and we're meeting in Colorado in May.

By the way, I really learned a lot and enjoy going through the steps of your build.  Inspiring!  Thanks.


Hi Dave 

Theres a Stealthceaft drift boat dealer in Baldwin Michigan they have new and used drift boat trailers they've been very helpful with my buddys needs in the past, don't know if it to far out of your way but I believe they will build to suit your need.

Thanks for the tip James.  Michigan is quite a haul from my village, but maybe I'll check it out for the second boat (: 


good looking boat.  I have bought a few trailers in the east. (I am in PA).  I called clacka and hyde when they were heading to ship boats to the Delaware river or the big Show in NJ.  They stuck my trailers on their truck and I met them.  Good excuse to go fishing on the Delaware.  we have also had good luck converting new shorelander trailers with bunks and rollers and a little bit of welding.  Surely you can find a new trailer dealer in your area and a local welder. Best of luck!

Lookin' Good - I built a boat back in PA (since moved to CT). Retrofitted an old sailboat trailer - i.e., bunks running parallel to the trailer axle.  I actually modified the tilting bunks from the original trailer (they run perpendicular-ish to the axle- it works fantastic in low water and rough-bank launches. It has run up and down the highways of the east coast many times. 

One friendly word of warning - Think about the engineering and the weight distribution a little; you could probably do some real damage to the boat if the bunks are not evenly supporting the weight of the boat.

Especially if you hit some of the potholes the east is famous for this time of year. j.g.

I forgot about High Country Boats in NC.  They used to have a website but now all I can find is their facebook page.  Theyre based somewhere up in the northern part of NC so cant be too far from you.  I was interested in their work but they seem to have slowed down a bit.  I know its just two guys who split their time guiding in NC/TN and out west.

Davis Harbor, 

Do a search on this site (Upper right corner of the screen), there are several builds of trailers.  Mike Rosso's build in 2013 is very detailed also in my build (Dorf's Wooden Drift Boat) I detailed a trailer I built in 2014.  It's not rocket science, just basically you need a welder and a few bucks for the materials.  I had approx. $600 in material.  I cut all the steel with a 4 1/2 inch hand grinder with a fiber wheel and welded it in my garage.

If your not into welding you can have one built in your local area if you can find a local welder who will do it.  Just spend some time getting familiar with the designs and methods required.




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