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Finishing up!

Ribs are finially done.  Sanding, sanding, sanding some more.  Now adding false keel, deck supports, deck and deck cap, coaming, gunwales, floorboards. thwarts, and a finish coat.  Took longer than I thought!…


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Walking the plank.

As I continue with planks, I am also working on thwarts, paddles, and floorboards.  Oops.  Messed up the floorboards.  Had to disassemble and redo.  Now starting on ribs.  Who dosen't love ribs.  …


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I've always wanted to build a cedar strip canoe.

It's the first of February and snow is on the ground outside so I'll stay inside and start my canoe.  The first step is to build a strongback.  Then, lay up a bottom plank with both stems attached.  I can then begin adding planks by alternating sides.  Pretty slow going.  I can only get 4 planks a day glued on.  But I will press on.  I have nothing else to do.…


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Noooo!  Had to store the boat outside for 1 1/2 years.  Tightly tarped to protect it but somehow water got inside.  Now I have mold from stem to stern.  Bought one of those "cloth" garages so it is protected but somewhat "open".  Looking to move soon.  Hopefully will find a place with a shop so I can work on it.

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