Dagenwulf – A Sea Serpent.

Shiver me Timbers!

“They say that there is a way to navigate at night by the stars in the sky. I never learnt....”

If I ever tried to explain how I finally arrived at the name ‘Dagenwulf’; people would look at me very strangely indeed. And as for describing the actual inspiration for the artwork and the thought process that ensued after, they would lock me up in the nearest Looney-bin and throw away the key once and for all.

But then again it appeals to my twisted sense of irony that there is no actual R in it; and that it’s spelt with a W, and pronounced as a V.

"I suppose you could call this the start of the Saga.’The Song of the Sea' as it were.

This will hopefully eventually end up as a Best Seller!


(You wish! In your dreams, Pal! In your dreams)


I should really start at the beginning; but I'll do that later. When I work out where the beginning is! For now we shall just call it the metamorphosis of the Falmouth Pilot sailing boat 'Fame' into becoming 'Dagenwulf... A Serpent of the Sea'


Chapter I - Landlocked!


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