I think this will help you on the repair you are working on. When ply wood that is in place needs to be scarfed it can be done with a lap scarf. Not as neat and clean as a tapered scarf but it works. Basically you need to cut the mating surfaces in half to fit into each other. This can be done with a hand held router and a chisel. Set your router at 1/8" when working on a 1/4"panel and cut a checker board pattern. Use a chisel to clean it up.

Do this to both pieces. Sand, dry fit and invent a way to clamp it all together.

Now just wet the mating surfaces with straight epoxy, add a frosting of epoxy thickened with microfibers and clamp. Be sure to take the time to invent your clamping system first. Every project will call for a new clamping scheme.

Have Fun

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Comment by Dave Z on March 22, 2009 at 5:47pm
That there is a master at work. Nice stuff! wow!
Comment by Rick Newman on March 22, 2009 at 9:18am
AJ, you are great! This looks like a very strong way to join the materials. I had some time yesterday and looked at the so far untouched side of the old boat. Guess what? Rot near the chine! No pictures yet, The old cover the repair with paint and wood putty trick. So now I need to remove the paint on that side and determine how much damage has done by rot and determine where I will remove the old wood and scarf in new wood.

The pictures are well done and informative! I really like the clamp system you came up with, it gave me ideas I had never even considered. I had considered a clamp system that might be twice the height of the new side with a pivot point just above the side. Some sort of floating, pivoted pressure surface on either side of the scarf and then utilize opposing pressure on the "outside" arm to press the sides together. But yours' looks much simpler. Thanks again for your assistance and guidance.

Rick Newman

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