I'm planning the build of a 16' double ender with transom from Roger Fletcher's plans. As he points out, after scarfing the sides the panels will be 15'9" long - 3" short of the desired length.

What's the best way to handle this? Scarf on another piece, or scale the plans down 3"?

Other ideas?

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If you wanted to scale down 3in just make a model and take 3in off the transom end and play with the size of the transom since when you move it it would get bigger slightly. that is the advice from someone who knows nothing :) thats how i would do it and probably will if i build that boat im working on the 14'double ender now

Hey David,

You can leave the panel length as is. You will probably need to either move the two frames closest to the transom forward in inch or two or make them a little shorter. You can also scarf the scrap from the front cut back on the end of the boat and trim to get the actual 16'.


You could alwayw go hard core and cut 3 pieces 5'4" and scarf twice. Buti think cutting the last part where mike was talkin would be easier. Easier said than done. Though in theory it sounds like a great idea. No offense to mike. I dont knoq if it would mess with any other measurements. Mike whattya think? If movin the last two framea fwd. Would that throw off any think else? Just curious.

No it won't throw anything off, especially on that boat it is a pretty chill boat (not a lot of flare or radical bends). Moving/shortening the frames just lets the boat have the shape that was intended just a bit shorter. Because the boat is shorter if you leave the frames as is they will be to wide if mounted to there respective lines. This is not theory, I have done it a number of times.



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