Hello All! I started my boat on feb 1. I am working on building ribs now, while waiting for the wood for the gunnels and chines. I thought I would introduce myself to the forum. I followed Bennett's build and have read thru many times, but this is my first post to the community. This is my first boat build, and my first major wood working project in over 15 years since high school wood shop! I have been having a great time organizing my work space, and getting started with the build. 

I will be back with questions for the experts! Pics to come later!

Neal Cordial

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Neal, you have taken many important first steps. I applaud your enthusiasm for the project with the cleaning of the workspace! You will have many opportunities to do so again. It is really great to find your tools after they have tried to escape under a covering of sawdust! Keep smiling, keep posting, especially when you discover an opportunity to learn how to recover from what appears to be a mistake but is really a learning experience. 

I am looking forward to seeing your boat afloat and you smiling at the oars!

Rick Newman


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