Well I'm building a 17 54 baker drift boat. So far I've got a pallet of expensive ply wood and one scarf cut

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Took the boat out on the lake with some borrowed oars today. MAN! These things can whip and turn. I've only rowed rafts, jon boats, and towees before. Taking the boat down a slow big brown stretch of hog tomorrow with two passengers. I'll finally get real world seat measurements but most importantly I'll get to fish for the first time!

On a boatbuilding note, my drain plug is leaking from the plug. I'm guessing the threads aren't sealing as well as they should?
1) is this normal
2) if so, is tape on the threads or something like Vaseline a bad idea?
Hooch not hog*

Teflon tape or teflonpaste has worked on my drain plug. Your boat is looking great! You will find that your drift boat will be some of the most fun you will ever have on a river. 

Rick Newman

First river float went well, had my wife and buddy joe come with.  Joe is a little over 200 lbs and with him sitting between frame 1 and the transom, and me rowing, the bottom of the transom was out of the water.  Thats all I can ask for.  I have a feeling this boat is going to go a lot of places.

Edit: oh and the plug leaked all of maybe a couple tablespoons of water after 3 hrs in the river.  Ill tape it and let it ride

PSA, if you're building a drift boat, fit the knee board before you do the inner gunwhales.  Otherwise you spend way too much time and money on the damn thing

Chugging right along, got the new dierks anchor pulley from Mike Baker.  Thanks Mike!

Welcome Bennett, lets see a pic of that beautiful regal foot pedal.

Where can I get that anchor pulley hardware?

Call mike baker the guy who commented above you

yep, I can get you all that hardware.


Made up an anchor bumper y'all will probably like. Try to post it here in a minute. I do have a question about mounting the anchor pedal. The aluminum bracket I've got for the foot pedal won't work so I'm going to try and make a wooden one. Is there any amount of reinforcement the thing needs? Should I half lap and epoxy the joints? I just see 1x screwed together getting ripped apart with the force of a boat and three guys pulling on it. The few pictures I've found show no gussets and I assume are glued and screwed. I guess I'm really just asking for some pictures if anyone has any handy?


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