Does anyone know if bo is still around?

I've sent an email and the phone numbers on the various websites I found aren't working.

My anchor system has started to slip a little and I don't see a way to adjust it. Does anyone have advice for snugging it up a little bit because I'm not sure I can get a replacement before my next outing?

I have the R5 from and I was able to find these options





What are the opinions of these floor releasers? None of them have the nice metal mounting plate. I can make a similar thing out of wood if necessary.

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I have used a wooden frame to hold a metal release with no issues. Something to consider is the diameter and condition of your anchor rope. The more worn and reduced in diameter the less able the braking system will be able to stop your boat. I wonder what the condition of the surface is within your brake system. Obviously the greater the friction the faster the stop.

Rick Newman

Rick, that is a very good point about the rope condition. Mine is old and that would be much quicker, less expensive, and simpler to replace.

How often do you typically replace your rope? What is the typical diameter expected by these release systems and what knot have folks all aligned on for connecting the anchor? The knot on my rope is a nest with a zip tie but it has held! I suppose I could also reverse the rope or cut off a chunk to see if that helps the friction. 

Are there instructions somewhere for how to open the bo's system to inspect the wear?

Thank you for the ideas! 

Do you know if Bo is still in business?

1. I got the unit without rope so I continue to use what was original to me. I want to suggest 1/2" rope is often used. I suggest that the simplest test to confirm proper operation is to purchase several diameters of rope with different "lays" or constructions. Try applying the "brakes" to each to see if they hold or not. The winner is the one that holds your position and has good feel or hand, in other words it is pleasant to retrieve and handle.

2. When I want to pass rope through the unit I "step" on it to hold it open. A quick visual inspection and even running a finger over the interior surfaces should give you a sense of the condition.

I don't know if you will have to take it apart if you try test different ropes and confirming you have rope of an appropriate diameter.

Let us knw what you find out!

Rick N

I vote for replacing the rope first as well, chalk it up as preventative maintenance I guess.  Cant help you with the question about servicing the release.  I have the Regal release and while it looks good, the peg that keeps the pedal from torquing left or right came out of the box just off enough so that the pedal stays depressed when you step on it vs just popping up when you take your foot off.  Kind of annoying for such a hyped up piece of equipment.  I believe it was simply tapped for the peg off square, shouldn't have made it out of the factory in my opinion, especially considering they probably sell a few dozen a year

The new anchor rope looks great and holds well. I'll get a few on the water shots this weekend. I love the new color!

I think you will find much better service from you unit with this rope!

Rick N

How did the new rope work? Is your anchor release now working? Hope you are enjoying the summer!

Rick Newman


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