Just wondering where everyone was camping next weekend?

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I plan on going where you and Robb are going. Randy Dersham said folks have been camping at Blue River. Isn't that the common spot. I plan on leaving next Thursday. Keep me informed. When are you showing up?


I'll be coming Friday. Probably leave Bend by 3:00. We have camped at Blue river but  I think A.J. and his gang prefer Paradise. I will let you know when I know more.


Thanks I will stay in touch.

Paradise or McKenzie Bridge are two Forest Service campgrounds just a little east of Blue River.  These are off the highway and quiet.  Both have great views of the McKenzie, cooking grates, tables, and vault toilets.  To see about availability, call McKenzie Ranger District.  Weather here on the McKenzie has been crappy, but it started sun shining yesterday, and supposed to be sunny all next week.  Also, the river level is dropping, and should be at a great boating level.

Thank you David, I am going to wait and see where folks camp then go along with them.

Hello Campers, I am interested to see who is coming camping for the Festival. I am refinishing the interior of my boat and I hope to camp with a bunch of "Woodies". Past festivals and accompanying camping trips have been wonderful events. I think of them as Christmas, New Years Eve and Thanksgiving all rolled into one! 



I prefer the fancy campgrounds with power so we will be at the Holiday RV park from Thursday afternoon but I like to cruise around looking for everyone else.

Wife wants to do so fishing so we might be on leaburg lake.

craig curtis


Looks like we will be camping at Blue River Reservoir. I will likely wet a line there.


Looks like I too will camp there tonight. I have never refinished the inside of a drift boat. Once again I have learned another lesson. It takes more than five partial days to do so. I will bring my floatable boat prtially restored and share what it takes to remove finishes, at least those that Missouri River gumbo didn't. Lots of work done, more to do.

I look forward to seeing everyone this weekend. I will drop my boat off at Finn Rock at about 7:30 AM and then head to the Lodge to help with parking. 


Friday's weather update from the McKenzie.  High today of 52, low tonight of 43.  Intermittent showers today and tomorrow.


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