Greetings fellow boat builders,

I am looking for some sources on materials for building a drift boat in the Atlanta, GA area. As I prepare to build a Baker drift boat in the fall, I am having a problem with finding a local source for marine grade plywood. I believe I can find white oak from specialty lumber dealers and I have a nice supply of Honduran mahogany on-hand for some eye candy stuff. Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Here is a nationwide source of wood suppliers that you might find helpful:

You may also find a treasure trove of information to guide you along your journey by reading the discussions found on the site. Almost everyone building a drift boat has the same needs as they progress down the path. The questions that you develop have most likely been posted by several folks before you. We all have to complete similar tasks and often run into the same issues. The Search box at the top right corner of the site can lead you to a multitude of answers. Posting a question rather than a word or two will return many more results.

Good luck on your project. Please post pictures as you work on your boat.

Rick Newman


Hey Dino. I'm in Atlanta. I ordered my plywood through Southern Crown Boatworks who in turn ordered from World Panel. Had I known this I would have gone straight to world panel myself. I think shipping was around 200 bucks. If you want fir, there's a few lumber suppliers in town that have marine AB. Suwanee lumber company is the most promising I found for Marine Fir Ply

Thanks for all the info.....

Plenty of places to start!


I have pretty much run down all the materials needed for my Baker 17X54 drift boat project. 

Plywood = from Florida ($220 in shipping...ouch)

White Oak (Chine Cap, and Stem) = south of Atlanta, reasonable cost

Cypress (Floor Boards) = same as above

and last but not least.......Honduran Mahogany (there is a story here) ........for the Frames, rails and whatever else .......

I also have some really nice black walnut burl....for some special bling. 

A big shout out to Mike Baker for listening to my questions and Bennett Yarbrough for all the material suggestions.

I will keep the group posted as I gather all my goodies for the build.....I might not make it until the fall to start....

Thanks everyone...Dino

Hey Dino when are you going to start your build?  I'm going to try and fish all weekend so let me know if you're interested.


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