Finally finished the boat. This restoration took me about 4 months, but it was worth it!!! Taking it out this weekend to go after some steelhead on the Salmon River.

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Nicely done! Congratulations. I've always liked woodworking that incorporates woods of contrasting colors.
Nice job Wil... very cool wood combo's.
Great job Wil! Really like the color combinations in paint and the mix in the woods. Very striking! Steve
yeah that is a good look - nice work man!
Nice dory, dude! You look like a happy man.
Great looking boat! I have a boat that is identicle to your's (prior restoration), not sure if your interested or have the time, but I noticed you live here in Boise too and I'm in the process of re-finishing mine. I was expecting it to be so much work and I'm afraid that I'm not doing it correctly.

Anyways, I hate to bother you but I sent you a friend request so hopefully I hear back from you.

Love it! Very Nice
good work. looks brand new. catch em all.
Looks wonderful. I restored my boat last year and remember how great it was the first trip on the river. Have a good time.


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