Whitewater Dory build in Montana (was: Fir vs Meranti dory floor)

This will be heavily glassed and painted on both sides, not worried about fir checking

which is better for stiffness and strength as a floor core material?

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Decks are nearly complete and fill coated.  Finishing details on the hatch lips.  Flow coated the gunnels.
Flow Coated

Looking damn good Sean!

Shawn. Autocorrect!

Flipped the boat once more to glass the underside of the deck hatch lips I added...glass doesn't like to hang upside down!


Time for latches, gunnel bolts, and hinges.



Launching Sunday!


Had a great launch with beautiful weather and an overnight trip on the Flathead with my daughter and our friends.



Congratulations! That's a major accomplishment. And it looks like you did a fantastic job all the way!

I figure this thread deserves an update.

Took the boat out on a high water NF Flathead over Memorial weekend.  Boat was awesome in the big water and high flows in mid-channel, but she was a heavy beast to try to land in micro-eddies on rocky shores.

But had a really wonderful weekend with two other dorymen.  Eric, with whom I boated when I launched Great Falls brought his Don Hill-designed drifter. 
My friend Brian brought his little 13' boat he built 10 years ago; I don't recall the design.  He built it when his kids were small and his budget wouldn't afford a raft, and has loved it more and more through the years.  It got me wanting a little boat!

Spent a week on the Main Salmon in late June.  It was magical.

My wifey's first multiday (even though it rained torrentially) and the Great Falls was really well suited for big water, sandy beaches, big eddies and a big camping load.


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