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Had a "couple" in my boat from the midwest last week.  They stayed at the Eagle Rock Lodge and we fished for two days straight.  Both of them caught steelhead on two different rivers on two different days on two different flies - ha ha.  They grilled their fish on the patio at the Lodge and had a blast.

Here's a link to their video... running rapids and catching big fish.

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Looks like a blast! Thanks for sharing

"Let's do it again", says it all.

When do I get to come along?

Rick N

By the way good job on the whole shooting match!

Ha ha - ALWAYS a spot for you in my wood boat brotha!!  Been a very good year so far.



Sort of depressing.  I am humbled by you hitting a fish on the McKenzie.  I am in a serious slump, but will never go back to the dark side.  What flies? Swing or indicator?  I really need help!


At your service brother. Don't go to the dark side - we'll work together on this.

My flies this time of year are purple and pink with trailing hooks.  Fishing exclusively on "the swing"... although there are a lot of great fish caught with indicators - I'm a "swinger of the fly".  Would be happy to show you my spots, share my journal, and tell you everything I know.... only cost you a cold beer of my choice.  ha ha

How did you like the video pics right below your house????  Pretty fun trip!


I'll get you a whole case of beer for your info.

Rick N

PS how long will the season possibly last?

Most years we fish til the rain blows out the rivers for the winter - usually in late October.... any trips planned this direction??


No current plans, but now that I have my boat floatable and almost completed and my camper I'm ready to go. I would love to make my way down there. I guided ten days ago on the Kootenai, way too hot for good fishing. Next week I will be cooking for 25 folks that will be doing an aeronautical archeology field school studying a Lockheed Electra just like Amelia Earhart flew. I hope to get to Puget Sound after that to fish for Pinks and Silvers. My daughter is returning home from Europe after that. Then I will be rowing and participating in the Washington State Project Healing Waters Two Fly Event on the Yakima River in mid September. No specific plans after that. My goal however is to catch Steelhead, Silvers, Pinks, Chums, Sockeyes and Chinooks. Perhaps you can help me with the Steelhead part. At the Wooden Boat Festival Rob Grubb, Mike Baker and Jason talked about a fall float on the Grand Ronde. Interested?

Your brother in boats, fishing and life,


Very cool.  Keep me posted on your plans - my "Fall" is filling up fast.  Would be happy to help with the "steelhead" part of your trip.  Take care man.


Will do!


Greg, great footage as usual. Fun, fun.

Cheers, Robb


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