This old timer grew up rowing the McKenze.

But hit rock and badly banged my ego.  Put big hole in bottom of 13-14 ft Don Hill wood drifter.  Is there some skilled craftmans out there who for a number of Bens could install a new bottom.  Or maybe you want to buy it as a sweet project boat.  Has very good trailer. You may respond on this discussion page but the best way to reach me is by email: or call or text at 541.520.0609. I was plucked off a rock by Search and Rescue.  Now this old duffer needs further help with his once prized boat.

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Rick, can you share some pictures?

Here are the details needed to post pictures.

"To post a picture I first locate the file so you could find it on your computer. Click on the small icon above the box where I am currently typing. It is just to the right of the small icon that says "LINK". That will open a box that reads: "ADD IMAGE". You can choose from FROM MY COMPUTER or FROM A URL. If you choose computer, then a double click will start the process of copying the picture so it can be posted on the website server.

When your picture will be posted it will be full sized and there will be no clear margin around it unless you select "padding." Selecting 1 means you will have 1 pixel, or very small space around the outside of your picture. Unless you are trying to place several pictures tightly together you can ignore padding.

You can chose to post the picture to the left right or centered on the page. You can also make a picture larger or smaller based on the width in pixels that you select.

Click okay and the picture will be copied to the post you are working on. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions."

Rick Newman

Follow-up on hapless kaboom post referred to in above post:

A helpful person provided a procedure for me to post a photo of this 

wood drift boat on your web discussion  But this old Luddite could not navigate the technology.

I have a photo on my cell phone of this Don Hill boat in its fine pre-crash condition.

 I could send it to your your email or cell phone from my cell phone.

If you have an interest please send me a note to:  rickrencher@gmail or my cell ph. # 541.520.0609

Rick R

your email address is actually I sent you an email..

Rick Newman


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