Most of these photos were taken on the Clark Fork, St. Regis MT.  Instead of the bulky sliding seat in the front, I mounted (but removable) a 65 Gallon RTIC cooler to the floor in a frame.  I also moved the front brace and fly deck up 5".  This gives me a huge amount of space to move around in when I'm guiding.  I also in installed a rear casting brace and a raised pedestal seat in the rear.  The brace and seat can be un-installed in a few minutes.  With the cooler in the front and brace and fly deck moved forward its a pretty balanced boat.

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Looks awesome! Gorgeous boat! The last pic looks like it's in Missoula. Close to Charlie B's?
That is outside my fly shop, Wallace Fly Shop, Drift Boats and Guide Services, in Wallace Idaho.

Is there still an espresso business in the building on the corner? How about the boot business, is it still there? I like that part of Wallace. I came through Wallace on Sunday after fishing on the St. Joe with the Spokane Fly Fishers. We fished way up by Fly Flats campground. Some of the folks caught some nice nice fish. I spent time teaching and organizing food for the group meals.

Rick Newman

My shop is across the street from the coffee shop. Ryder moved the boot shop to Bank Street.
Hey Gregg. It finally hit me on the way to work. I was planning on using the cooler tie down kits with cut outs out of the floorboards to move the cooler forward and aft. I couldn't figure out the cut outs. Was about to go your route and realized I could just mount the strap plates to the floor board. Figured you'd be interested if you wanted to be able to move the cooler while on a trip. And don't be a sucker and buy the yeti kit. These guys are 9 bucks a pair.

Hi Greg,

I'm in the beginning stages of my first build and while i was sifting through photos on here, the blue you chose for your boat is fantastic.  Would you mind sharing the actual color?

I'll let Greg reply later also, but I believe that is Pettit Bikini Blue

Thanks Randy.  I could probably confirm if i can get my hands on a color card.  on my computer the bikini color looks much brighter than Greg's pic. Does anyone locally carry that product?  I work in Eugene.

Yup, I thought you were asking Greg Hatten about the blue on the Grand Canyon boat.  

I was missing a g... that's probably what threw you.

Sorry it took so long.  The can is at my Fly Shop in the basement and we are closed, anyways....  It is Interlux, Brightside Polyurethane Ocean Blue.  It reminds me of a blue you might see on WWII navy planes.  It just went through a hard season of guiding and trailering and it still looks great.

awesome, thanks Gregg.  its really a great color.  Appreciate the info.


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