Going OK on my 1972 Don Hill 16 ft high side guide model boat kit. Wife said to hurry up as she wants her parking space back in the shop. Just got a new batch of Stainless steel carriage bolts to put the hand rails and seats on with. If you want a good price on SS screws and bolts go to Stainlesstown.com, they have great prices on them. Here are some pictures of the boat. Not bad for only $500 and that includes the oars and anchor release. 

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Looking very good

I agree with Randy, your boat is looking good! What did you use for a finish?

Rick N

Marine paint and primer. The wood was so stained that you couldn't do much more with it. I had to expect that with 45 year old wood. The wood is so dry that it almost started to crack and in some cases it did but not to bad and I was able to fix it. This was in the hand rails and chine. All the rib cut outs for the chines were cut with a hacksaw and they must have been highter then a kite when they did it. The gabs are almost 3\16". Did the best I could with what I had.


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