Rookie builder here...I was wondering if I should build my passenger seat on a rail so it can be moved fore and aft or just screw it to the frames...does anyone really move their seats back and forth? Is it a real convenience? Thanks for any opinions or ideas...

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I move my seat.  On multi-day trips I have a lot of gear/weight.  Being able to move the seat makes it easier to load/unload it, and to balance the boat.  Height of passenger(s) adjustments of lesser import to me.

I'll second what David says here - I never have two beefy gentlemen in the front and need to move the seat back to trim the boat, but it's handy being able to move it forward to make room for gear on multi-day trips. 

This is the front seat on my new boat.  I made a frame for the cooler, strapped it to the frame and bolted it to the floor board.  Now you have a seat and a cooler and a lot more room.

I put the frt and rear seat on a pipe thinking"adjustments" might be good. Turned out with a smaller boat (14-15`) and a 6ft rower, the rear seat stays all the way back, the frt seat stays all the way forward for leg and knuckle room for rowing. I guess having them to lift off the rails to remove from the boat might be the only advantage.


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