I'm new to boat build and new to the forum.  This may have been asked before but going through past posts I wasn't able to find a definitive answer.  

I am beginning a build of a 17 ft Don Hill McKenzie River style drift boat with Doug fir ribs and marine grade plywood sides.  I'd like to replace the plywood bottom with a fiberglassed plascore honeycomb core for added reliability and less maintenance. I have never worked with plascore before but I do know it's not structurally sound enough to use fasteners (i.e. screws) like the Don Hill plans call for when attaching the bottom. Most of the info I have found on boats built with plascore are done in the ribless stitch and glue style.   So my question is, how would you recommend attaching the bottom of the boat to the ribs?  My thought is to use thickened epoxy to glue the plascore to the ribs/chine and then fiberglass the plascore to the wooden ribs/chine on the deck side? I would also fiberglass the bottom and wrap that around the sides to tie that together as well.   Thoughts or other ideas? 

Thank in advance for helping out the newbie.   

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I picked up a tip from Mike Baker out in Bend and built my boat with a Nidacore bottom, similar to plascore but cheaper to ship. You can see some info on my process here. Basically, it involves putting a 1/4" plywood bottom on followed by a layer of glass, then Nidacore, then glass. There's a bit of fiddling with the installation of drain plugs and fairing the edges of the bottom to mate with the chines, but no real problem. 

David, thank you, that's great information!


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