Here are a few pictures of the Port Ludlow, WA Fly Fishing Pram being built by Chris of Squim WA.  The build plans are availible for purchase for 20$ (check) via Arnold Koch PO BOX 65374, Port Ludlow, WA, 98365.  I will get to your request in the order recieved and as soon as possible.  Thanks, and happy boat building

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that is such a great little pram. Arnold, are you able to stand up an cast ok? since I live here in the NW and live in Olympia by the bay how does it handle in a little rough water? I guess I will have to send you a check and build this to keep the traition going. I suppose you could put on a small 2 to 3 hp outboard with no problems as I see you have an electric on yours.

thanks for all you have done to get out the plans for this.


Hi John,

Standing and casting is no problem provided the battery is held in place with a bracket so as not to shift.

I'm 77 and not to steady any more so I prefer to sit and cast.  As to rough water no problem. I fish off Port Ludlow in my pram in Admriality Inlet for Cuts with no problen. Of corse I do not venture out into the shipping lanes and I do not venture out in high wind conditions.

I do not know of any prams powered with gas engines. We all use electric motors with less than 40 pounds of trust. A mormal deep cycle battery will last all day fishing. A 40 pound motor will give you a top peed about equal to a jog!  Take the electric motors amp draw at various speeds and devide it into the amp hours of the battery and this will give you  your hours of running time.   Trolling flies we are looking for very low speeds.


thanks Arnie. that is all helpful. I think a 2 hp would handle it just fine. the boat would handle the south sound just fine. I kayak here a lot just have to watch the currents, they can get a little mean some times.

trying to finish up my shop. I put up a 10x14 metal shop but couldn't get it to quit leaking and it's not big enough to build 16' kayaks in so I extended to 7' using a wood frame and covered the whole roof with ply and roofing material. I am putting siding on the extension for now and just have the back side an front to do and build a new door for it.yep the metal building is still there but it will be all wood siding. when I get it closed in I will be ready to finish 2 kayaks then hope to build the PL pram.


Hi John,

Should you decide to go with a small gas engine I would suggest that you renforce the stern with a red oak yoke made from a 1 x 6 on the inside and forgo the use of a 1 x 2 as the plans call for. This mount could be 3' wide for most of the width, with center forming the mount for your engine.

Your new workshop sounds like it will be a wonderful place to make the sawdust fly!

Have fun as always, Arnie

With a 2 hp. gas engine we will want to enter your pram in the hydroplane races at Sea Fair in the coming years. Hang on!

John, go to hear that your shop is progressing. I fished at a local lake the last two days but all I got was tired! Three of the guys fishing were Veterans from our healing water program. One of them caught a couple of nice fish.

If you enter the hydroplane races you may have to add some skegs and a wing to keep it down and going in the right direction! Keep us posted.

Rick N

never thought of that. that would be fun. hmmm, wonder how fast it would go. I could put a jack plate on it too and a hole shot plate to get it up on plane faster. would need a racing skeg too.

rick, sorry ya got tired fishing but at least someone got some fish. that lake must be real slow or it was not planted yet.

yep the shop is coming along slowly but surly. the front part I put in a ceder floor from some old fencing that my buddy had. had enough for 7x10 ft. he has some more but I think someone else wants it. hope not, I can finnish the floor ith the rest, if not, I'll use something else. want the inside to look old. that's it for now. everyone have a nice day.


This little boat is awesome, you still selling prints for this boat ?

Thanks for your interest in our fly fishing pram. Yes we do sell the plans. They are available for 25$. Just send your check to Port Ludlow Fly Fishing Prams, 160 S. Bay Ln., Port Ludlow,WA98365. 

Sorry for our lack of response. I seldom check this site.  Arnie Koch


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