Just wondering if any one out there has an interesting solution for a rear knee brace, I don't like the arch gunnel to gunnel brace, I'm looking for a different solution something in the middle and sturdy enough to lean against. I'll look forward to the creative solutions that will come.




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I really like the podium style rear brace that Boulder Boat Works builds.  Beautiful curved thing that looks great.  I don't think you can post hyperlinks to other sites here, so I'll let you check it out on your own.  You can see a photo on the "pro-guide" boat that they have on the front page of their website if you scroll down just a bit.
Dan, I did something different and I'm pretty pleased with the result. It is basically stainless tubing fasted to the rower's seat. It has proved to be very sturdy, and while not a "full-on" brace, it has proved sufficient while also unobtrusive (always seems to be a trade off between the two). I could certainly look up the particulars of the pieces if you wanted more detail. Cheers, J.G.
That is cool, if only it were wood... I like it. thanks.

It's a great and interesting design problem and I'm glad you brought it up. I'm also interested in what genius ideas the WBP have come up with...

Here's my take from tackling the problem earlier: In trying to figure out how to do it in wood, every design I came up with would have to in some way be integrated into the rails or the floor (kinda like the others shown here). It seemed to either be bulky (bad b/c I like a lot of floor space for coolers, tackle, and kiddies) or it would not be sturdy enough. There's a lot of force being exerted at the anchoring point(s) on these things so you need either multiple points of attachment (i.e., rail-to-rail) or a robust base (i.e., the pedestal approach). It's just hard to make slender - cantilevered forms out of wood.

Montanaboatbuilders.com Jason has a couple examples that are very cool. Look at his recurve.
Their boat are so fancy, I really like their braces but they would not work with my old boat. I need something that looks like it belongs in an old boat...

Here's my version of what MBB has done on the Recurve.

I built it from scratch without any plans. I just drew some circles on the floor of my garage untill I got it right, although I would change the offset a bit and not make the bottom curve offset from the top curve as much; that would give more room between the rear seat and the the kneebrace.


This is a modified version of the Kingfisher design Jason has and I used his plans to build it, although It is modified quite a bit from his plans.

OH,  I forgot to mention - the front AND rear kneebraces are removeable.

Makes it easier for transport and when there isn't a second fisherman in the rear, there is more room for storage on those longer trips (one more cooler for beer - hehehe)






I usually knee the rower in the head and strangle him with fly line. haha. I'm interested in the responses too.
What if you designed something that would hinge to the back of the rowers seat and then could be folded down and out of the way when not in use?
The problem is that I'm not an  engineer and am terrible at designing anything that is not on a canvas. I'm looking for help from all you genius designer boat builders.

I too like the MBB ones that span the boat, but I want to be able to walk around it.  I was thinking about doing one like the Hyde Contender 



Dan, are you running a rear floorboard? How about something on a removable floorboard system? Do you like the concept in the Hyde boat above? What is the distance from the rear of the rowers seat to the front of the rear passenger seat?


Rick Newman


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