We had THREE wood drift boats on our annual Rogue Wild & Scenic trip in October this year.  We also had lots of bears, lots of fish, lots fine food, lots of entertaining runs (me going backwards through Black Bar, Robb Grubb going "left" at Slim Pickins, and Jayson Hayes going down the Blossom Bar beaver slide backwards - just to "show off").  It was a great trip that almost "wasn't".... our permit was "revoked" because the government was shut down the first week of October.  We went anyway.... and found the river was actually - quite "open" and very empty.... and spectacular, as usual - hope you enjoy the wood boats in the video.


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Wow just watched the video, nice work. The food makes me hungry. Ive got to get my boat done. And the fishing looked like a guy wouldn't want to leave the river. Thank you for letting us share the trip.

great vid. thanks for sharing. getting off subject a little, can someone tell me why a drift boat can go down a river bow first and a RR goes down wide transom first? thanks.


Thanks for the comments.  Don't know the answer to the RR transom question, but it's a good one.  GH

The rapid Robert was the original drift boat. As in all row boats the rower sits with his back to the bow,thus running the river stern first. The RR then evolved into the double ender. The stern now became another pointed end and but still ran with the original pointed bow upstream. The final evolution put a tombstone transom on the upstream end, the bow, but kept the pointed downstream end, the stearn. So the modern day Driftboat has a transom on the bow and a pointed stearn.
So the bow and stearn changed shape in the evolution but the bottom shape stayed the same, a gradual rocker to the upstream end with and abrupt upturn at the downstream end.

The RR runs great with a motor because the motor mounts on the transom and with enough power will plane. The Driftboat, on the other hand, runs very poorly with a motor because it is running backwards. Pritchetts Rogue River Special is an exception to this because it was built to run a motor from the start and the bottom is quite different.

Roger does a great job explaining this evolution in the chapter about Woodie Hindmann in his book Driftboat and River Dories.

thanks AJ. it's very interesting how the switch became. I like the Rapid R as it seems it can do what I want here in the Puget Sound, running with a motor and can still run rivers at least class 2 for me. I will have to get Rogers book and learn a thing or two about all this.


That's great Greg! Thanks for sharing!

Yup - That was a great trip..... you would really enjoy the float and the guys.  Great bunch !!

Once again Mr. Hatten you have pulled together another fine show. Good food, friends, bears, fish, rapids, scenery and I liked the electric fence. Was that to keep Rob and Jason out of the beer? Maybe sometime I can make it down there. I would like to float the Rogue.


Ha - thanks Rick.  You are more than welcome to join the group anytime...  you would really enjoy it down there.  Yes - the fence was to keep Robb and Jayson out of the beer.... so they switched to whiskey.


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