Should I keep the osprey head or fair the stem? hmmm....

I always come back to this forum for boat building wisdom. I had 5" of stem left that I was going to fair with the shape of the bow but I couldn't resist putting my favorite shape on osprey head...I've never seen anything like this on a drift's not as large as the camera angle makes it out to be...any opinions welcome...too goofy or let it ride?

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One vote for leave it. Good looking boat.

Anything on a boat that can catch fly lines and clothing usually will. Dont ask how i know...

Chris is right, but there may a solution that provides for the best of both worlds:  One of the men who helped build my boat was a talented woodcarver.  He carved a "leaping trout" figure and mounted it to an aluminum arrow shaft.  There's a corresponding hole in the stem.  When the boat is just hanging out, I can have the cool trout figure and when the boat is working, the stem is flat.

With that attachment method in mind keep it!

Rick N

Thanks for the replies friends....I was a little concerned about anything interfering with casting off the bow...also my friend that is going to make the cover wouldn't like my little osprey head...but the old hippy in me needs to see this float down the bighorn a few times with the adornment attached...if it gets in the way it will be simple enough to fair off the bow...this boat will mostly be a floating easy chair for Gert and I and a few mutts to enjoy the red hills scenery of Thermopolis..

Your boat, your rules.  I'd say keep it until you feel like getting rid of it.

I like the idea of it being removable, them you could change it out for other things, like a camera mount it other carvings.


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