Hello again all,

I need your expertise . Has anyone used water base stain and then epoxied ??

Also does anybody have a trick up there sleeve on how to scarf a joint that is going to be stained this is for the sides of a D.B.(do I stain slightly into the joint before epoxying or tape close to the edge somehow so the epoxy doesn't seal off were the stain needs to go) I would like to have it natural but the test pieces i did on the okoume with just epoxy turn out just awful in color almost blonde with a slight red tint it really didn't look natural so thats why I'm trying to get a richer color and I really don't want to paint it a solid color if I can avoid it any help would be appreciated 

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Have you tried alcohol or analine based stains yet? Epoxy + water based stain = issues.

Rick N

Here's a link to some info on analine dyes. http://www.joewoodworker.com/transtints.htm

Rick N

James, I have used water based with great results and would recommend you use it. From what I understand analine and alcohol dyes tend to fade much quicker than a water based, most likely its a penetration issue. With the water based you will want to scarf your plywood first, sand with 150 grit and then use a wood conditioner to open up the grain before stain. After you finish the staining process you will want to wait a good week to let the wood reach equilibrium m/c before applying your first coat of epoxy. I used fir plywood the last time i did this process but cant speak to okoume plywood and how well it stains so make sure you do some test runs on some scrap

thanks that help me greatly would you suggest wiping the panel down with a damp cloth to raise the grain,dry, and then sand before the conditioner and stain. and did you stain slightly into the scarf before epoxying the panels together so you don't get a line unstained or would that make the joint compromised  

I would just sand with 150 first and then go through the staining process and yes definitely stain into the scarf joint about 1/8" - 1/4", since it is a water based it wont hurt the joints epoxy adhesion. I would also recommend putting in some alignment marks on your plywood just after scarfing so you dont have a problem joining the panels together later, its much harder to see the scarf after you stain to match it up well.  

great tips thanks

Great looking boat Jayson. James were you thinking about that dark? The Okume takes on a nice color with just the epoxy on it, yes much lighter than Jaysons, but alot darker than the bare wood. Then the varnish gives it some amber tint also. I would do test pcs with some scraps


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