So im almost ready to start thinking about oiling my interior and so I've been looking at different teak oils

Mike Baker recommends Seafin teak oil thats about 21 dollars a quart

I found I can get the watco rustoleum brand teak oil on amazon for 10 bucks a quart with free shipping, is there a concern here? or is teak oil, teak oil no matter what brand?

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      While I have no experience with the Watco product I do have a fair amount of experience with the Daly's Products. They work as promised, are inexpensive to use and the more you apply over a period of time the better they work. With that being said oils need more frequent applications to look their best. You don't have to sand the wood unless you have allowed the oil to dry out. Reapplying The Seafin Teak oil on my boat meant getting out some 200 to 400 grit wet-or-dry paper, attaching it to a rubber sanding block such as those used for autobody repair work, wetting the paper down with the oil and then sanding the surface until it smooths out. Wipe up the excess if there is any and then continuing the process until the wood is shiny and  it is difficult to apply more.

      I normally will reapply it two or three times to each area, you can certainly do more if you so choose. The more you apply the oil with fresh sandpaper every so often the smoother and shinier the surface will be. As the wood surface is sanded the oil and the wood break down and form a "slush" which eventually fills the pores in the wood. The more that the pores are filled the longer it seems that the oil will remain.

     You don't need to do all the chores that painting requires so it easy to keep the oil"filled up".

I wish you the best of luck. Since I really didn't answer you question I think that Daly's is the best. I think that what you are paying for is the Tung Oil and what ever solids they provide. Your mileage may vary. A quart will quite a long ways. The more frequently you apply it the better it works. This also provides an opportunity to look over your boat and confirm that all bolts and screws are tight. I think that hauling your boat on the trailer is one of the more "wearing" activities you can do. The second most damaging is hitting your outer chine logs on rocks and such.

Good luck and keep posting pictures.

Rick Newman

Hey Bennett,

I used Watco once and had some mildew issues. Fisheries Supply has Dalys $15 qt and $41 Gallon (if you have an account and remember free shipping over $99!). I have had good luck using Dalys ship-n-shore first on the plywood then seafin over that. I would get 1 qt ship and 1 gallon sea fin. order some foam brushes and misc. crap to get to $99. what Rick sez about wet sanding is spot on.

Use the Daly's for sure, I have used both and the watco will give problems. Do as Rick and Mike have said with the application and you will do fine and come out with a great finish. Personally I like to use the red scotchbrite pads or steel wool for the wet sanding application but just make sure you wear a cheap pair of gloves or your finger tips will end up nice and raw

Jayson, what degree of abrasiveness do the red pads have, rougher or finer than the green ones? Do you purchase them at an autobody paint and supplies store? If you want to get crazy you can also progress through the grits all the way to 2,000 grit. You can really practice Mr. Miyagi's wax on-wax off technique to build up your arms like the "Karate Kid"!


Rick, the red are less abrasive than the green and then the grey is even more fine than the red. You can get them at the autobody shop and I usually get them at our local hardware store. I go through about 2-3 pads each time I refinish a boat. They are also really great for scuffing the surface before paint or varnish so you get a good mechanical bond and no sanding scratches...........forget the Mr. Miyagi method.........I have done it and will never wet sand a boat again..........learn to embrace the scratches and dings and dents that a wood boat IS GOING TO GET because they only give it character and a story with every scar and that in my opinion is what makes the wood boats the most beautiful ones on the river.

Thanks for the replies everyone, I guess I'm going with Dalys


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